Scottish Federation of Baton Twirling

Our International Squad for 2012

All the best in Belgium & France, we know you will do us proud.

Junior Athletes
Junior Pair
Senior Athletes
Charrone Coupland
Mairi Gordon
Kiera Johnston
Katharine Kitt

Chloe Stevenson
Lucy Crawford

Chloe Carswell
Nicolle Carswell
Chloe-Marie Mcnaughton
Laura Petrie
Senior Pair
Laura Petrie
Gillian Wilson
TEAM - Calsay
TEAM - Dumfries
TEAM - Spirit
GROUP - Dumfries
Jess, Zara, Chloe, Katherine, Catherine, Chloe-Marie, Kayleigh
Courtney, Rebecca, Mairi, Lucy, Chloe, Erin, Charlotte, Joanna, Eilidh
Chloe, Megan, Kelly, Danna, Chloe, Nicolle
Gemma, Courtney, Robyn, Rebecca, Lois, Mairi, Lucy, Chloe, Joanna, Erin, Charlotte, Eilidh, Caitlin
WORLD - Junior Women
WORLD - Junior Pair
Chloe Gibb
Kiera Johnston/ Charrone Coupland
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Medical Form



Final reminder to coach and athletes that all paperwork should now be with the squad manager. If in any doubt, please contact Ann immeadiately.